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Instructional Technology

The mission of the Caddo Teacher Technology Center is to encourage and support transformative uses of technology that promote student learning through best practices allowing teachers to plan for the integration of technology into all facets of the curriculum and learning environment. 

Staff Member Name Job Title Contact Number
Christina Gremillion ,Supervisor  318-364-1987 318-510-8390
 Toni Bratlie     Secretary 318-636-2309 office

Staff Member Name Office Number Contact Number
Jora Honore' 318-364-1990 318-401-2975
Lisa Mason-Hollins 318-603-6357 NA
Justin Steele 318-603-6391 318-453-5940

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Supported Platforms

  • Aimsweb/ TestNav (password resets only)
  • DRC Insight
  • Google
  • Illuminate
  • SMART Technologies


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Ed Tech Tip


CuePrompter is a website that serves as a teleprompter.  Simply type in your text, and CuePrompter will display it on the screen in large letters with a scrolling feature.  You can adjust the size of the text, the speed in which it scrolls, and the colors that display on the screen.  If you film morning announcements or have students reading from a script in a video, CuePrompter is a free solution to getting the video down in just one take.           













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