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Shreveport Location

Tel: (318) 603-6535

Fax: (318) 631-5738

(after 6pm on weekdays, weekends, holidays)

After Emergency Hrs: (318)603-6534

Vivian Garage

Tel: (318) 375-2754

Fax: (318) 375-536

(after 6pm on weekdays, weekends, holidays)

After Emergency Hrs: (318)375-2754

About the Transportation Department

Mission Statement - The Caddo Parish School Board Transportation Department provides safe, efficient, and timely transportation for all eligible students to and from school.

The Transportation Department is located at 3928 Joplin St, Shreveport, Louisiana 71108. Our office is located on the southeast quadrant of the Caddo Parish School Board facility located at 1961 Midway Ave, Shreveport, Louisiana 71108. We also maintain a transportation facility in Vivian, Louisiana at North Caddo High School.

The CPSB Transportation Department has been featured nationally in the October 2002 Edition of School Bus Fleet Magazine as one of the 2002 Great Fleets Across America. This award showcased the CPSB Transportation Department as the best in the State of Louisiana. The award was given because of efforts made to upgrade the transportation operation. The upgrades include implementing a new computerized routing system, installing two-way radios, strobe lights, crossing arms, video cameras, emission control devices, and child checkmate systems on the school buses. Additional training programs were designed and put in place for the bus drivers and bus attendants including defensive driving and special education training.

There are 340 Bus Drivers and 87 Bus Attendants who work with our students every day. Our office consists of the Transportation Director, one Routing Supervisor, two Field Supervisors, a Transportation Analyst, six secretaries and two dispatchers. Our garages have three Shop Foremen, parts personnel, and twenty-three mechanics. The mechanics are responsible for maintaining the Caddo Parish School Board's Bus Fleet and all other board owned vehicles. Our school buses are thoroughly inspected twice a year to ensure safety for our students in Caddo Parish and to comply with State of Louisiana vehicle safety inspection laws.

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Bus Rules

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Permission for any student to ride in a school bus is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. The safety and welfare of student riders depends on proper behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations. Any pupil who violates any of these rules will be reported to the proper authority and his/her privilege of transportation may be denied. These rules apply to STUDENT ACTIVITY TRIPS as well as regular bus routes to and from school.

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Parental Responsibility

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1. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children prior to their pickup by the bus and after leaving the bus at the end of the day.

2. Parents are responsible for providing supervision at bus stops that is appropriate to the student's age and maturity.

3. Caddo Parish School Board staff does not assess all possible walking routes to and from bus stops, supervise these routes, or guarantee the safety of any particular route. Staff will assess walking routes for unusual hazards when concerns are brought to their attention by walkers, parents or others.

4. Parents should impress upon their children the need for good behavior and observance of safety precautions while riding the bus.

5. Parents of special needs students are required to assist the student on and off the bus at his/her stop.

6. All Pre-K through second grade children should be accompanied by an adult at the morning stop and be met by an adult at the afternoon drop off.

7. Parents of students not eligible for transportation per Board Policy or state law will be responsible for their own Transportation.

8. Parents should ensure that all student information and/or changes are sent to the school in a timely fashion.

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