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2019 Millage Information

On May 4, 2019, voters in Caddo Parish will be asked to decide whether to use an existing millage to support critical needs vital to the operation of Caddo Parish Schools.

The proposal would NOT increase taxes but would allow Caddo to provide:

                       * Updated heating and air conditioning systems at all schools

                       * Upgraded and accessible air-conditioned bus fleet

                       * Increased safety and security measures in all schools

By continuing the current millage rate, Caddo would be able to allocate $88.3 million to address these critical needs. 

Heating and Air Conditioning

In 2004, Caddo Parish voters allowed the district to place heating and air conditioning units in our schools. While these projects were all completed on time and under budget using the best equipment at the time, by 2019 the units are operating beyond their expected life. This has caused numerous system failures across the parish and has cost more than $20 million in repair costs over the past three years.

Bus Fleet

Caddo transports more than 22,000 students daily for safe travel to and from school, after-school activities and field trips. With such a large district, our buses travel more than 2 million miles each school year or nearly 12,000 miles per day. In 2003, voters approved the purchase of new buses; however, this aging bus fleet is nearing the end of its life cycle with numerous buses declared inoperable.

Safety and Security

Keeping students safe is our top priority. As part of this millage, the district would ensure our campuses are aligned with national best practices in school safety and security including upgrading surveillance systems and increasing use of access control to better monitor individuals on campuses.

What is a millage?

A millage is a means of assessing a property tax.  One mill is equal to one-tenth of a cent.  It is important to note Caddo Schools is requesting to use .6 mills of a current millage to address critical needs.

How will the .6 mills be used?

This millage would allow the district to update heating and air conditioning units at all schools throughout Caddo Parish, provide new, air-conditioned school buses and increase safety and security at all schools. While a vote to continue this millage would not increase taxes, it would allow the district to address these vital needs for all schools.

What does it cost me?

Assessed Home Value

Annual Investment









Good Financial Stewards

      * Since 2011, the Caddo Parish School Board has reduced tax rates 5 times.

      * The Board has refinanced funds 9 times resulting in a savings to taxpayers of over $7 million..

      * Caddo has earned 29 consecutive national commendations for Excellence in Financial Reporting.


Voting will take place May 4 with early voting scheduled for April 20-27.