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Caddo Schools on Tuesday was awarded more than $200,000 in grants to upgrade high school gymnasiums across the district with high-efficiency LED lighting. 

The grant, presented by Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, was part of more than $2 million in grants made to local governments and educational institutions to support energy efficiency.  
“Caddo Schools is grateful for the hard work of individuals such as Foster Campbell who today announced our district is the recipient of a grant of over $200,000 to improve lighting in our high school gymnasiums and increase energy efficiencies,” said Dr. T. Lamar Goree, Superintendent of Caddo Schools. “Through this effort, not only will Caddo be able to place more funds into classrooms, but also decrease energy costs. This is an investment that will only continue to support our schools and our community.” 
Funding for the LPSC Energy Efficiency program for public entities comes from a surcharge on electric bills paid by cities, parishes and other political subdivisions served by of SWEPCO, Entergy and CLECO.  Campbell said a second round of grants will be awarded by his office later this year.   
“Energy Efficiency is a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs, improve building comfort and preserve our environment,” Campbell said.  “Every dollar that our local governments and public bodies save on their electric bills is a dollar that can help them improve service to the public in other ways.” 
Caddo is in the process of preparing to submit a proposal for the second round of grants, which is due March 1.