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In a unanimous showing of support, the Caddo Parish School Board on Tuesday approved its $492 million annual budget. The budget, which includes all funding sources and is balanced in accordance with Board policy, includes allocations for the implementation of Tier I curriculum across the district as well as a continuance of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) and incentive pay for teachers. 

“Last year we made the decision to reward our staff members with an across-the-board five percent pay raise knowing that it would cause us to make some tough decisions going forward as to what our priorities are as a district and our nonnegotiables,” said Dr. Goree. “I’m pleased we were able to present a budget that is not only balanced but emphasizes our classrooms first and foremost and I thank the Board for their support.” 
The 2018-2019 approved budget includes approximately $7 million less in revenue for the district in large part due to anticipated increased funding to local charter schools. The budget also includes additional funding for classroom technology and funding to improve teacher quality through processes such as National Board Certified Teacher. Also, the approved budget calls for a continued review of all positions in the district to ensure alignment to student and staff needs. 
Since 2010 approximately 1,000 positions have been eliminated through attrition as the district works to be efficient and fiscally responsible. The budget allocates additional dollars for repair and replacement of heating and air conditioning units. Many units across the district have aged beyond expected life and are in need of constant repair to maintain operation. Projects included in this budget are the final phase of the four-year C.E. Byrd High School air conditioning upgrade and installation of elevators in compliance with ADA guidelines. 
To read the budget in further detail, visit caddoschools.org.