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Caddo led the region with seven campuses commended for top growth in key subject areas according to data released Tuesday by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Among those noted for having among the highest gains in the region, Caddo Parish Magnet High School and North Highlands Elementary School set the bar for the district with 62 percent of students in each school seeing top growth in making progress toward fully mastering critical concepts in English language arts (ELA) and math.
Tuesday’s announcement as the district recently celebrated an all-time high graduation rate, growth in student performance on national assessments including the ACT and Advanced Placement exams, and increases in subject-area proficiency rates on LEAP 2025 assessments.

“Caddo is proud to see an accountability system in which Louisiana students are being recognized for the progress they are making toward mastery of skills,” said Dr. T. Lamar Goree, Superintendent of Caddo Schools. “More so, we are excited to see our district growing in a variety of key indicators across our diverse schools. In rural, urban and suburban school environments, our students are improving in their academic understanding and we look forward to continued upward momentum as we work to meet the needs of all students.” Schools noted by the Louisiana Department of Education as part of their release included:

School Name  Percentage of Top Growth in English (ELA) and Math
 Caddo Parish Magnet High School 62
North Highlands Elementary School 62
 Southern Hills Elementary School 58
 Westwood Elementary 58
 Claiborne Fundamental Elementary School 56
 Caddo Virtual Academy 56
 Queensborough Elementary School 55

The data released Tuesday will factor into the annual school performance scores (SPS) and letter grades for each school, which will be released this fall. The student progress measure will make up 25 percent of an elementary or middle school’s overall performance score and 12.5 percent of a high school’s overall performance score. In addition to an overall school performance score and letter grade, schools will earn a letter grade equivalent for student achievement and progress on their annual report card.

Contributing to student growth, in 2018 Caddo Schools invested in top-rated, high-quality curriculum and resources to support student learning. Coupled with intensive teacher training in alignment to national best practices is teaching strategies and knowledge of Louisiana State Standards, educators were able to enter classrooms better prepared to teach and support individual learning needs. Those efforts have continued into this school year as the district implemented the use of additional top-tier curriculum districtwide. National research has shown high-quality curriculum to be one of the greatest determining factors in student learning and performance outcomes.