Form Directory

A Fact Sheet for Athletes

Athletes sheet of facts

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
A Fact Sheet for Parents

Parents fact sheet

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
Academic Affairs - GED Form

Request for copy of GED

Adult Education
Accounts Payable Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit Form

Form for Accounts Payable Employee Reimbursement 

Accounting/Accounts Payable
Adjustment Example

Make sure bank date agree with bank recorded transaction

Adult Education Information

Adult Education details

Parent Resource Center
Athletic Waiver Form

waiver form for students

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
Audit Checklist

Principal and bookkeeper checklist

Audit Internal Control Questionnaire

Used for school audits

BackPack Tag

Tag for student backpack

Bookkeeper End of Year Checklist for Principals

Bookkeepers use for end of year checklist 

Booster Club PTSA Principal memo sample documentBooster Club PTSA Principal memo sample documentAuditing
Bus Roster Athletic Runs

Bus Roster used by bus drivers

Bus Seating Chart

Seating chart used by bus drivers

Bus Video Download Instructions

Instructions how ot view bus videos

Caddo District Map

Map of districts 1 - 12

Parent Resource Center
Caddo Parish Schools Policy (Meal Reimbursement)

Transportation Meal reimbursement policy 

Caddo Teaching Academy ApplicationProfessional Development/Grants
Catastrophic Leave Form

HR form for catastrophic leave

Human Resources
Certificate of Disability Form

disability form certified personnel

Human Resources
Chase Online Statement InstructionsChase Online Statement InstructionsAuditing
Coaches Codecoaches conduct descriptionAthletic Department/Drivers Education
Coaching Verification Formstudent discipline policyAthletic Department/Drivers Education
Code of ConductParent Resource Center
Concessions Deposit SlipConcessions Deposit SlipAuditing
CPSB Consultant Formconsultant formFinance
CPSB Expense Reimbursement VoucherExpense Reimbursement VoucherFinance
CPSB Travel Expense Reimbursement PolicyTravel Expense Reimbursement PolicyFinance
Deposit TicketDeposit TicketAuditing
District Charter ApplicationCharter School applicationCompliance/Parental-Community Involvement
Download Request FormForm to request bus videoTransportation
Emergency Plan for All SportsAthletic Department/Drivers Education
Employee Login Problem Fixessolutions for employee login problemsTeacher Technology Center
End of Month ProceduresEnd of Month ProceduresAuditing
End of Year ProceduresAuditing
Evidence Collection Sheetevidence collection formProfessional Development/Grants
Extended Sick Leave Form - Employee's Family Member

Human Resource request for extended sick leave form

Human Resources
Extended Sick Leave Form for EMPLOYEEHuman Resources
Extra Work ProposalProposal for extra workTransportation
Facility Study Abandoned SitesFacility Condition Assessment ReportsTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study Administration Support SitesTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study Alternative SchoolsFacility condition assessment report for alternative schoolsTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study Elementary-Middle SchoolsFacility condition elementary middle assessment report for alternative schoolsTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study High SchoolFacility condition assessment report for high schoolsTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study Middle SchoolsFacility condition assessment report for middle schoolsTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study Unique SchoolsFacility condition assessment report for unique schoolsTeacher Technology Center
Facility Study Vacant SchoolsFacility condition assessment report for vacant schoolsTeacher Technology Center
Fee Sheet- receipt for students signatureFee Sheet- receipt for students signatureAuditing
Fee Sheet Sign Out - Individual TeacherFee Sheet Sign Out - Individual TeacherAuditing
Field Trip Permission FormCurriculum and Instruction
Field Trip Approval FormCurriculum and Instruction
FMLA Leave FormFMLA leave formHuman Resources
Football Officials Rating Formfootball officials rating formAthletic Department/Drivers Education
Fundraiser Examples

Fundraiser Examples for schools

Fundraiser FormFundraiser FormAuditing
Fundraiser Form - fill in

Fundraiser Form -fill in form

Fundraiser Log

Fundraiser Log sheet for school

Fundraiser Multiple Priced Item Fundraiser Template Fundraiser Multiple Priced Item Fundraiser TemplateAuditing
GED Formrequest copy of GED test scores duplicate high equivalency diplomaAdult Education
General Information for Kindergarten TestingMagnet Schools
Gift Cards Receipt SheetGift Cards Receipt SheetAuditing
GPS Bus Links for Principals

Instructions to set up school buses on GPS Map

Grant Approval FormSchool based grantsTeacher Technology Center
HS Booster Club Contractbooster club coaching contractAthletic Department/Drivers Education
HS Non Faculty Principal Meeting VerificationNon-faculty coaches meeting verification form.Athletic Department/Drivers Education
HS Non Faculty ProceduresHS Non Faculty ProceduresAthletic Department/Drivers Education
HS Non-Faculty Coaching ApplicationAthletic Department/Drivers Education
HS Non-Faculty Volunteer ProceduresHS Non Faculty VOLUNTEER Coach Procedures Athletic Department/Drivers Education
Individual Graduation PlanIndividual graduation planParent Resource Center
Interview-Multiple Priced TemplateAuditing
Jamboree Schedule for Friday August 25, 2017Athletic Department/Drivers Education
JCampus - Course Request FormStudent Services
JCampus - Request for Email and JCampusStudent Services
JCampus - Request to Delete Student Record From Student MasterStudent Services
JCampus - Request to Unlock WebGradeBookStudent Services
JCampus - Site Training Schedule Request FormStudent Services
JCampus Troubleshooting StepsStudent Services
JECC - Assignment of Students to Schools (K-8)Parent Resource Center
Leave Without Pay Request Form

request form for leave without pay

Human Resources
LHSAA Physical Form

LHSAA medical history evaluation completed annually

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
Lodging Tax Exemption FormFinance
Managing Student Loan Debt Information

information to help management school loan debt

Parent Resource Center
Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and NeglectSecurity
Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect - PowerpointSecurity
Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect – Signature Form for Case worker/investigatorSecurity
Maternity Leave form

Human Resource Request for Maternity leave form

Human Resources
Mileage Reimbursement FormMileage Reimbursement FormAccounting/Accounts Payable
Miles For Smiles InformationParent Resource Center
Monthly Travel Report

monthly travel report finance

MS Athletic Coaching CodeMS Athletic Coaching CodeAthletic Department/Drivers Education
MS Basketball Officials' Rating Form

Athletic basketball officials rating form.

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
MS Non-Faculty Volunteer Coach Application

Middle School Volunteer Coach Application

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
MS Non-Faculty Volunteer ProceduresAthletic Department/Drivers Education
MS Team Sport Roster

Middle School team sport roster

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
Name Address Telephone Change Form

Human Resource name, address, telephone change form

Human Resources
Observation - Announced Pre-Conference FormHuman Resources
Observation - NonTap Post Conference Planning FormHuman Resources
Observation - Tap Post Conference Planning FormHuman Resources
Observation - Teacher Observation Report TemplateHuman Resources
Observation Evaluation Appeal FormHuman Resources
Opportunity Caddo Program Eligibility

Opportunity Caddo Program eligibility requirements

Compliance/Parental-Community Involvement
Opportunity Caddo Program One Page Affidavit

Affidavit for Opportunity Caddo Program

Compliance/Parental-Community Involvement
Parent Forms: LHSAA Parent and Student - Athlete concussion StatementAthletic Department/Drivers Education
Parent Portal InstructionsParent Resource Center
Parent Portal Instructions - BrochureParent Resource Center
Parsons Study Final ReportFacility assessment for CPPS from ParsonsConstruction and Capital Projects
Payroll Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit form for Payroll

PCard Application FormPurchasing
PCard Approval FormPurchasing
PCard ManualPurchasing
Performance Evaluation Plan (July 24, 2018)

Human Resources Performance Evaluation Plan  - updated 7/24/2018

Pre Trip Bus CheckTransportation
Professional Leave / Travel Request Form - Revised September 2019Finance
Property Loss NoticeRisk Management
Pupil Progression PlanAccountability/Instructional Support
Reading For Success

What Kids Really Want to Read

Parent Resource Center
Record Retention FormPurchasing
Records Retention PolicyRecords Retention PolicyAuditing
Records-Transcript-Diploma Request FormParent Resource Center
Re-Imagine Caddo: The Plan for Excellence

Re-imagine plan for Caddo

Compliance/Parental-Community Involvement
Reimbursement Form for Lunch MoneyChild Nutrition: Reimbursement Form for Lunch MoneyChild Nutrition
Resignation Form

Human Resources Resignation form

Human Resources
RFP Request for PurchaseRFP Request for PurchaseAuditing
Sabbatical (Medical) Leave Forms

Human Resources medical sabbatical leave form

Human Resources
Sabbatical (Study) Leave Form

Human Resources Sabbatical study leave form

Human Resources
Sales Tax Exemption FormSales Tax Exemption Form         Auditing
SC-1 Request for Staff Car and Use of Personal Vehicle ReimbursementTransportation
School Activity Funds Manual 2017Auditing
School Based Grant FormProfessional Development/Grants
School Bus Behavior ReportTransportation
School Grant AwardsProfessional Development/Grants
School Incident ReportAthletic Department/Drivers Education
Special Events Trips Request form (fillable)Human Resources
Sportsmanship CommitmentStudent Services
Start and End Dates for Caddo Parish Schools Employees 2018-2019Human Resources
Start and End Dates for Caddo Parish Schools Employees 2019 - 2020
Start and End Dates for Caddo Parish Schools Employees 2020 - 2021Human Resources
Starting JCampus InstructionsStudent Services
Steps to Assign a Purchase Order NumberSteps to Assign a Purchase Order NumberAuditing
Student Accident Insurance 2019 - 2020 (English Version)

Student Accident Insurance (English version)  2019 - 2020 

Risk Management
Student Accident Insurance 2019 - 2020 (Spanish Version)

Student Accident Insurance  (Spanish Version)  2019 - 2020  

Risk Management
Student Accident Insurance Frequently Asked QuestionsStudent Accident Insurance Frequently Asked QuestionsRisk Management
Student Discipline PolicyStudent Services
Student Handbook 2018-2019Student Handbook 2018 - 2019Student Services
Student or Third Party Accident Notice (TP-76)Risk Management
T-7 Safe Rules for Riding Bus and T-8 School Bus Emergency FormTransportation
TAP Rubric Flip Cards 1Professional Development/Grants
Technical Assistance AffidavitTransportation
Transportation Bus Stop Change Request form paper versionTransportation
Transportation Department HandbookTransportation
Transportation Incident ReportTransportation
Transportation Parental Agreement for Transportation to Alternate LocationTransportation
Uniform PoliciesParent Resource Center
Universal Availability NoticeParent Resource Center
Vehicle Accident Report (RM-1)Risk Management
Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement/Acknowledgement of Risk

Parent form to sign for Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement / Acknowledgement of Risk

Athletic Department/Drivers Education
Weekly Extra Work Tracking SheetTransportation
Witness Statement (RM-2)Risk Management
Workers Compensation - Employee Statement of Injury or Accident (RM-4)Risk Management
Workers Compensation – First Report of Injury or Illness (LWC-WC-1A)Risk Management
Start & Ending Dates for Caddo Parish Schools Employees 2020-2021

Start & Ending Dates for Caddo Parish Schools Employees 2020-2021

Human Resources
Grading Guidance

Grading Guidance

Academic Affairs