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Greetings And Welcome Back

The new school year is here, and teachers everywhere are trying to gear-up for a successful school year.  Every fresh, new start, we hope to create a technology atmosphere that will inspire all students you teach.  Here are a few tips for setting up and testing your classroom technology:

Contact Information

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Daisy Powell  System Design Manager Support Services

Rickey Jones Network Manager Network Support

Dracy Peters – Technical Services Manager PC Computer Repair

John Keith  – System Designer Manager Programming

Brandy Blanchard Project Manager Wiring/Phone Data Drop Request

Contact the Help Desk for Request listed below at 318.603.6418

  • Microsoft Outlook Email
  • OnBase Document Imaging
  • Sungard/Business Plus
  • Password Resets for 3270

Information Technology Fax Number – 318-603-6407


Computer Support

Don’t Be A Victim of Cyber Crimes

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Setting Up Computers

  • When connecting your computer(s), be sure the power and monitor cables (Blue End) is securely seated.
  • If there are multiple computers connected to a switch, be sure each computer has only one Ethernet cable (Blue or Black) going to a single port on that switch. Discard all additional cables that are not connected.
  • From the switch, there should be a single cable connecting to a wall Ethernet plug for network connectivity.
  • Test the computer by logging in with a generic student account and open an internet browser such as internet explorer, Firefox, or google chrome.

Information Technology Technical Support

Dracy Peters
Technical Manager
(318) 603-6297

Computer Repair Services, this includes salvaging and disposal of old PCs.All schools have a Point of Contact (POC) that has been trained on how to enter computer repair work orders using WITS. The IT computer technician assigned to your school works closely with your designated POC on prioritizing work request and identifying needed computer resources. If you need to update or change your POC designee, please contact Dracy.

The WITS system can be accessed as follows:

Login to WITS System

  • User = EMAIL Username
  • Password = first name all CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Click “Add Work Order” and enter all pertinent information, related to the issue you are having
  • Click “Submit Work Order”

Network Support

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Reporting Network Problems

  • If you cannot get to the internet after checking all connections, please fill out a work order using our WITS system and your school technician will assist.
  • If the entire school is losing connection to the internet, please email me for faster resolution.
  • For telecommunication (Phone) issues, please fill out a work order using WITS and send an email to Christopher Lindgren (clindgren@caddoschools.org).

Wireless Network

  • For WITS work orders, please submit to your school’s Point of Contact who can be located through the Principal or Librarian.
  • Support Contact Information (Preferred Method-Email)
  • Donna Craven (DCRAVEN@caddoschools.org and 603-6418)  [JCampus, email, login password retrieval or reset].
  • IT HELP DESK (tsc@caddoschools.org and 603-5489)   [Computer and Network Support].
  • Rickey Jones (RDJONES@caddoschools.org and 603-5604)   [Telecommunications emergencies, network connection issues, wireless, website and application access, network abuse, and email issues].
  • Jora Honore (JHONORE@caddoschools.org and 364-1990) [Smart Board support and application training].
  • Dracy Peters (DPETERS@caddoschools.org and 603-6297)  [Computer and Laptop support, work orders].
  • Dolph Dickson (DDICKSON@caddoschools.org and 603-6411)  [Primary contact for SunGard/Business Plus inquiries and issues, SunGard/Business Plus password reset, or issues].
  • Leah Fredrick (LFREDRICK@caddoschools.org and 603-6396)  [Secondary contact for SunGard inquiries and issues, SunGard/Business Plus password reset, or issues, and Caddo’s website].

Network Services Information

Rickey Jones
Network Manager
(318) 603-5604

These services include, but are not limited to, internet access, web filtering, email, smart device technology, wireless, network security, servers, application availability, telecommunications (phone and voicemail), computer usage and access, and network performance.

Support Services

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Daisy Powell
System Design Manager
(318) 603-5498

Student Progress Center

The Student Process Center is a website designed to help parents and guardians monitor the progress of their child.


If you have not yet submitted your school level support person, please provide this information to the Information Technology Department promptly. We will team with this person to make the JCAMPUS system most effective for your school.

For Questions Call:

Ebonie Locke  ebnelson@caddoschools.org    (318) 603-6410

Dianne White dywhite@caddoschools.org        (318) 603-5600

Richard Kennedy rkennedy@caddoschools.org   (318) 603-5574

Ty-rell Walton tlwalton@caddoschools.org    (318) 603-5603