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Amid substantial changes in state testing, Caddo Parish students
continued to show increases according to data released Tuesday by the Louisiana
Department of Education.                   

The annual
release of school performance scores shows 11 schools improved performance by a
letter grade with 21 schools noticeably increasing their school performance
score. Along the way, four schools garnered the highest recognition from DOE –
the Top Gains distinction — for student growth while an additional three
campuses grew their SPS by double digits.                   

The data
also shows for the first time since the inception of school performance ratings
Caddo no longer has an academically unacceptable or ‘F’ rated high schools. The
ratings further show Caddo’s growth particularly with students of poverty and
improvements in high school graduation rates and ACT performance. In total four
schools within the Transformation Zone moved up a letter grade.                  

“Through our
work in the Transformation Zone, we have continued to have campuses shed ‘F’
ratings at schools where many previously did not think students could perform,”
said Dr. T. Lamar Goree, Superintendent of Caddo Schools. “We knew there would
be challenges this year with the move to online testing for our younger
students, but many of our campuses took the change in stride and made great
improvements. I am incredibly proud of our teachers and leaders in their hard
work to support student growth.”                  

Caddo performance increased 3.6 points to a 78.0 district performance score —
the school system’s highest performance since ratings began. DOE data noted the
increase was attributed in part to gains with student performance on the ACT
and moving the needle on student achievement for many in grades 3-8.                  

In a fitting
50th anniversary present, Captain Shreve High School learned it has
earned an ‘A’ rating from the state. The ‘A’ distinction comes as
administrators and teachers at the campus have greatly improved ACT and end of
course testing performance while increasing class offerings.                   

North Caddo Magnet High School led the high schools in gains with a 13.3 point
increase due to advances in ACT, CLEP and WorkKeys performance. Leading the
district in gains this year were E.B. Williams Stoner Hill Elementary School
and Southern Hills Elementary School which saw 26 point and 21.7 point growth

highest performing school Caddo Parish Magnet High School bested all other high
school magnet programs in the state with the largest single-year increase of
7.1 points to a school performance score of 137.2 – earning the school Top
Gains distinction. Much of Magnet High’s gains can be attributed to an emphasis
placed on Advanced Placement coursework along with rigorous ACT preparatory
The data comes as Louisiana continues to
make substantial changes to its school rating system in alignment with the
Every Student Succeeds Act.

For schools
which saw a decline, district staff currently is in the process of evaluating
the data to provide prescriptive supports to address individual school needs. Those
supports include the implementation of Tier 1 curriculum as well as the Teacher
Advancement Program (TAP). 

“TAP is
designed to support our teachers to be the best educators they can be while
charging us as a school system to prioritize high quality classroom instruction
in ways that are truly set to revolutionize our schools,” said Chief Academic
Officer Keith Burton. “Pushing for TAP is one of the greatest improvements we
can make for our students and is set to make a positive impact on student
achievement for years to come.”