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Bobby Shell, a senior at Captain Shreve, began preparing for his college career this summer after attending Princeton University Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America program. 

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America is the preeminent national nonprofit organization dedicated to diversifying the national leadership pipeline by helping high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds gain admission to some of the country’s most selective colleges. 
Throughout the process, the program actively works with each student to support their success at each of the intuitions where they and supporting their success at these institutions. After completion of a seven-week program at the top-tier universities, students receive personalized counseling and career preparation services to ensure their success toward achieving the future of their dreams. 
“My experience at Princeton this summer was a humbling and enriching experience,” Shell said. “I was so impressed that my writing instructor was also a professor from Harvard University.” 
Shell was among 100 high school juniors selected in the 2017-2018 school year to attend the seven weeks program, which included areas of study in leadership, writing, standardized test preparation and college guidance. The leadership component of the program offered Shell real-life ethical and policy issues to debate while tutoring supports provided individualized tips for success on national assessments such as the SAT and ACT. Principal Ginger Gustavson said she is proud of Shell’s completion of the rigorous LEDA program. 
“This is a prestigious honor and a top-quality experience that will serve him well in the years to come,” Gustavson said. “Bobby is an exemplary student and he brings such talent and commitment to Captain Shreve.  We are glad he is a Gator and are looking for great things for his senior year and beyond.” 
Shell said he has immense gratitude for Captain Shreve’s staff and administration who helped him through the application and selection process including counselor Emmye Allen and English teacher Maureen Barclay. Shell ended the program with a greater focus toward his future. Wanting to demonstrate his leadership, he said his goal is to share his experience and information about LEDA on social media and to his peers at Captain Shreve.  
“I feel the LEDA program can breed more successful students within Caddo Parish Schools. I will do my part to get the word out about the program,” Shell said.  
Throughout this year LEDA staff will continue to support him in reaching his goals with follow-up communications and continued assistance with his educational career path. Meanwhile, Shell said he intends to apply for admission to Princeton University in order to return as an undergraduate in the fall of 2019 and study history and philosophy.