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Caddo schools and sites are no strangers to the effects of the flu virus on campuses. Last year multiple campuses were forced to close due to numerous cases of the flu, which spread quickly and left both students and staff ill.                 

In order to directly address this concern, Caddo Parish Public Schools has partnered with CareDox, one of the nation’s leading organizations to bridge healthcare and schools. CareDox offers high quality and convenient in-school vaccinations at no cost to families.                 
Beginning this fall, all Caddo students are eligible to receive the flu vaccine at their school during the school day.                 
“Each year we see hundreds of students contract the flu after not having access to the flu vaccine either because their parents were unable to take them to the doctor to get their flu shot or many parents did not want to their students out of school and miss instructional time,” said Dr. T. Lamar Goree, Superintendent of Caddo Schools. “Our work with CareDox allows students access to trusted healthcare providers right on their campus with no question of cost or ability to receive the vaccine. This partnership will allow our teachers to focus on quality instruction and our students to remain healthy and in the classroom.” 
CareDox is able to offer flu shots at no cost through reimbursement contracts with Medicaid, Vaccines for Children (VFC) and other insurance providers. The organization works with more than 4,000 schools nationwide and is the go-to source for preventative healthcare programs. In the coming days, parents will receive information provided by CareDox to let them know more about the work they do and the services provided to Caddo students this year. For more information, visit caredox.com.