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To the Class of 2020

Dear Caddo seniors and parents,

One question that has been a point of almost every conversation since our schools closed on March 13th is, “What will happen to prom and graduation exercises?”  Even though I cannot provide you with answers to the unknown, I want each of you to rest assured that our district remains fully committed to making the end of your senior year memorable.

We recognize that the end of your senior year has been the focus for many of you since you entered kindergarten. Many of those same classmates you sat alongside learning to read and write have become your lifelong friends. Together, you have spent hours upon hours imagining what this time in your life would be like, and you deserve a fantastic send-off from Caddo!  If at all possible, our goal is to provide you that opportunity as time and conditions allow.

For now, I ask you to join the rest of your classmates in working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and stay at home. I encourage you to keep your mind stimulated and make memories with your family before the fall brings college and other opportunities to you.

Always remember that you are a resilient and unique group of young people! You were born in the time surrounding the September 11th terrorist attacks, began your prekindergarten experience amid Hurricane Katrina, and now as seniors are seeing your 12th-grade year overshadowed by a global pandemic.

While this time presents many unforeseen challenges, I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to make the best of this situation. Please know that the adults in your life, your family, and the Caddo faculty and staff are here for you, thinking of you, and dreaming up grand plans for when we return.

I’m confident that the future chapters of your life will be filled with joy, achievement, and peace. We all miss you and can’t wait to see you again!  Together we will rise above.



T. Lamar Goree, Ph.D.