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The Compliance Department is comprised of the following positions: Supervisor of Compliance; Alternative Education Specialist; Compliance Specialists, Vocation Transition Specialists, Autism Specialists (VOTAC), Behavior Interventionists, and IT Specialists.  DOEC has one Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

The objective of the Compliance Department is to ensure that all federal and state special education requirements are fulfilled.  This department also receives and investigates complaints and conducts parent/community involvement activities.  In striving to master our goal,  the Compliance Department disseminates information to parents, makes personal visits to parents and advocacy groups concerning educational needs of exceptional children, maintains documentation necessary in complaint management processes, manages all internal monitoring for the provision of special education services to children, assists in the preparation of educational reports, compliance documents, brochures and correspondence relating to complaint management and due process hearings. 


Compliance Supervisor

Dr. Ruby C. Scroggins
Supervisor of Special Education Compliance, Complaint Management and Parent/Community Involvement