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The purpose of pupil appraisal services is to assist students who have academic, behavioral, and/or communication challenges, adjustment difficulties, or other special needs which are adversely impacting the student’s educational performance by providing services to students, parents, teachers, and other school personnel.  Pupil appraisal personnel are not limited to providing services solely to students referred for an  individual evaluation.  Many students experiencing  academic, behavior and/or communication difficulties may be helped through recommendations made by pupil appraisal personnel for use in the general education classroom, enabling the student to benefit from instruction in the general education curriculum and eliminating the need for referral for an individual evaluation.  Major functions of pupil appraisal personnel should include being child/student advocates and assisting students to remain in and profit from the general education curriculum whenever possible. 

There are 15 different exceptionality categories for which evaluations are completed by the Pupil Appraisal Department: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Deaf-Blindness; Developmental Delay; Emotional Disturbance; Gifted; Hard of Hearing or Deaf; Intellectual Disability; Multiple Disabilities; Orthopedic Impairment; Other Health Impairment; Specific Learning Disability; Speech or Language Impairment; Talented; Traumatic Brain Injury; and Visual Impairment.  All requests for evaluations of regular education students must come from the School Building Level Committee (SBLC), with the parent/guardian as an invited participant. The SBLC will review and analyze all screening data, including RTI results, to determine the most beneficial option for the student.  Louisiana Bulletin 1706 and Bulletin 1530 allows Interim placements or evaluations conducted without going through the intervention process, when there is documentation of a Low Incident Impairment.  Low Incidence Impairments include: Hearing Loss; Visual Impairment; Deaf-Blindness; Intellectual Disability: Moderate or Severe; Traumatic Brain Injury; Multiple Disabilities; Severe Health or Orthopedic issues documented by a physician; and Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Pupil Appraisal Department provides such related services as: school psychological services, school social worker services, counseling services, language, voice, articulation and fluency services, educational support services, behavioral support services, etc.  The Pupil Appraisal Department also screens and evaluates preschool children to determine if they exhibit an exceptionality.  We staff a Preschool Gifted Clinic, two Preschool Disabled Clinic, and a Child/Parent Resource Center-which assists parents with enhancing skills to work with their preschool aged children.

The Pupil Appraisal team includes the following:

  • School Social Workers

  • Speech and Language Pathologists

  • Educational Diagnosticians

  • School Psychologists

  • Pupil Appraisal Compliance Specialist

Pupil Appraisal responsibilities may include the following:

  • child/student advocates

  • helping students to succeed in the general education curriculum

  • providing academic and behavioral support services

  • assisting  the School Building Level Committee (SBLC) in identifying students in  need of special education services

  • identifying children with disabilities and also children who are gifted and/or talented

  • conduct academic, behavioral, cognitive and adaptive assessments

  • conduct specific screeners

  • providing school psychological

  • providing school social social worker services

  • providing speech and language services

  • meeting with parents, teachers and community based agencies

  • assisting teachers and school staff in developing appropriate interventions for at risk students

  • interpreting evaluation findings to school personnel, parents, etc.

  • assuring compliance of out-of-state and outside agency evaluations

  • collaborating and consulting with other DOEC staff

  • and all other duties as assigned


PA Supervisor

Regina Washington

PA Facilitators

Dr. Scott Britt

Tracey Simpson

Michelle Miller

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