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The following items are required for all Early Childhood applications for birth to 4-year-old programs. Please gather these items together before beginning the application process as these items are required to be uploaded in the application. 

  • Proof of Income

  • Child’s birth certificate or current passport or visa

  • Parent/guardian’s Louisiana driver’s license or state-issued ID card

  • Proof of residence in the parent/guardian’s name

  • Up-to-date Louisiana immunizations record

  • Child’s social security card

Examples of acceptable verification documents:

Proof of Income

  • Two (2) consecutive check stubs for EACH PARENT or CAREGIVER IN THE HOUSEHOLD for the current year (within 2 months from the date of filling out this application.) OR

  • An official letter from your employer stating all of the following: Where parent/guardian is employed, the hourly rate of pay, and the average number of hours’ parent/guardian works per week. OR

  • SNAP/Food Stamps – must include the child’s name and valid effective dates. OR

  • A statement from the Social Security Administration verifying that the child listed on the application is a recipient of SSI benefits. SSI benefits for any other household member must be accompanied by any other income documentation, if applicable. OR

  • Current foster care placement agreement from DCFS. OR

  • Families who claim zero income of any kind must submit a Statement of No Income form. OR

  • Parents or guardians who are employed intermittently, self- employed, or who do not have tax forms, W-2 forms, check stubs, or applicable Department of Children and Family Services printouts to verify their income must submit a Declaration of Income for Irregular Employment form. OR

  • Families in a temporary living arrangement due to loss of housing or economic hardship (homeless) should have their status verified using the LEA-defined procedures for verifying homeless status. OR

  • Other: 2021 tax documentation is allowable only if no other form of income verification documentation exists. Previous tax years are not allowed.

Proof of Age

  • State-issued or foreign birth certificate or current passport or visa.

  • Parent or guardian must be listed on the birth certificate.

  • If person completing application is NOT listed on the birth certificate, court-issued custody papers or a Non-Legal Custodian Affidavit must be submitted.

  • Note: All families completing an application for PreK must be 4 years old on or before September 30, 2022.

Proof of Residence

  • Louisiana driver’s license or State-issued ID card

AND one of the following:

  • Current utility bill with the parent’s name and address.

  • Current lease or mortgage statement.

  • If the parent and child live with a family member or friend, that person is to provide verification with a letter in addition to one of the above items.

  • In a temporary living arrangement due to loss of housing or economic hardship (Verified by LEA) Homeless, McKinney-Veto.

For families experiencing homelessness and/or for families who speak a language other than English, please contact the appropriate departments below for assistance in completing the application.






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