Caddo Teaching Academy

What is CTA?

Caddo Teaching Academy is an innovative certification program within Caddo Public Schools.
CTA provides a fast track, streamlined and practical approach to job-embedded training with
the objective of placing an effective teacher in every classroom.

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  • We currently certify:

    • Elementary 1-5

    • 4-8 English / Language Arts

    • 4-8 Math

    • 4-8 Science

    • 4-8 Social Studies

    • 6-12 English / Language Arts

    • 6-12 Mathematics

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • General Science


Checklist of All Components
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List of Approved
Caddo Teaching Academy School Sites

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Application Requirements

Qualifications in order to Apply Applicants must have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum 2.2 cumulative GPA

  • Passing PRAXIS II Content Area exam

CTA Certifies in the following areas

  • Elementary 1st-5th Grades

  • 4th-8th Grades – English/Language Arts

  • 4th-8th Grades – Math

  • 4th-8th Grades – Science

  • 4th-8th Grades – Social Studies

  • Secondary Math 6th-12th Grades

  • Secondary English 6th-12th Grades

  • Biology 6th-12th Grades

  • Chemistry 6th-12th Grades

  • General Science 6th-12th Grades

Required Documents Needed to Apply

  • Official Transcripts

    • Email directly from University to:

    • Upload Official PDFs (scans will not be accepted) with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.2

    • Mail directly from University to:
      3908 Joplin
      Shreveport, LA 71108

  • Passing PRAXIS Content scores

  • Resume

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation

Teach LA

PRAXIS Testing Information

Click the link to see a list of Louisiana Approved PRAXIS Exams Click Here


Never Give Up On Your DREAMS!!!

“What a blessing!! CTA transformed me from a paraprofessional to a professional teacher. The journey was challenging and one I would take again to get to the place I wanted to be- teaching young minds and watching them grow. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity that CTA gave me.”
Connie Ward, Mooretown Elementary – Cohort 1

“CTA created a foundation of confidence and perseverance. They showed me what it means to teach from a book as well as from the heart.”
Annie Pearl McCulloch, Green Oaks Middle / High School – Cohort 3

“The Caddo Teaching Academy has been the driving force behind my career. Without the program, I would just be finishing up with an education degree, 2 years behind where I am now in life.

The Caddo Teaching Academy, in my opinion, is the best alternative certification program in the state.”
Jacob Mainiero, Northwood High School – Cohort 4

Not Your Traditional Teacher

“As young as seven years old, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher; however, when it became time to choose my life’s path, I took a different direction. I worked within a profession for years that I least desired before I made preparations to live out my dream. Being accepted into the Caddo Teaching Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has allowed me to do what I love. As a forever learner, I have been able to acquire strategies and techniques using an alternative track to teach students that are near and dear to my heart. Although learning and teaching at the same time hasn’t been a cake walk, being a part of this program has stretched me beyond my self-imposed limits. Those teachings allowed me to assist my students to score within the highest percentage of students passing the state assessment at my school. Thanks Caddo for this extraordinary opportunity to share myself with my community and ultimately the world.”
Tina Priest-Carter , Woodlawn High School – Cohort 4 

The Perfect Path to Preparedness With No Teaching Background

“Caddo Teaching Academy was what I needed to be ready for the classroom with no prior teaching experience. I was able to jump right into my own classroom while also having support to ensure that I didn’t fail in my first years of teaching. I was challenged to grow but also allowed the flexibility needed while juggling teaching, the program, and life. The individuals in my cohort have become some of my closest friends.”
Hannah Westerfield, Arthur Circle Elementary – Cohort 4

“CTA has been an enormous blessing to my life!

While in CTA, I have grown immensely! Through lectures, book studies, specific workshops, and observations, I’ve been equipped with the skills needed to be confident in my craft. I am truly grateful for my experience. It has allowed me to pursue my God given purpose. I’m forever in their debt.”
James Kunkel, Woodlawn High School – Cohort 4 


“CTA provided me with all the tools and guidance necessary to prepare me for the classroom. I felt I was more prepared than others who also took the alternative certification route to this rewarding career. I was trained in parish specific curriculum and guidelines from one of the most supportive teams I have had the privilege of learning from. There was always someone available to answer any question I had. CTA also pushed me to be the best I can be. Was it challenging, tough, and stressful? Yes! It was also worth it. Would I do it again? Absolutely!”
Michelle Peyton, Westwood Elementary – Cohort 4