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Grades K-5 Resources

Caddo’s K-5 Math Scope & Sequence Documents (2022-23) are available to Caddo Educators in our Caddo Elementary Math Shared Google Drive. Below, you can find the "Year at a Glance" document for reference.

Helpful Links:

Build Your Knowledge

Winter 2022-23 Professional Learning will end in KickUP February 28th.

CADDO Educators: VISIT KickUP for all available learning sessions. 

CPD-Math-01: K-5:  Deconstructing the LSSM – MANDATORY FOR ALL NEW TEACHERS (on-demand)

CPD-Math-02: ZEARN 101 for New Teachers – MANDATORY FOR ALL NEW TEACHERS (on-demand)

CPD-Math-03: Studying the Scope & Sequence – MANDATORY FOR ALL NEW TEACHERS (on-demand)

CPD-Math-04: 1-5:  Let’s Chat (currently only applicable for 1st-5th grades) (on-demand)

CPD-Math-05: K-5:  Beginning with ZEARN & CANVAS (on-demand)

CPD-Math-06: K-5:  Accelerating Annotations (on-demand)

ZEARN Mission Study materials are available in the Caddo Elementary Math Shared Google Drive.  These should be facilitated in PLCs using this facilitation guide and calendar. 

CPD-Math-08: K-5: NEAR/ZEARN (on-demand)

CPD-Math-09: K-5: Powerful Planning (on-demand)

CPD-Math-10: K-5: Planning for Accelerated Learning (on-demand)

CPD-Math-11: K-5: Let's Give Them Something to Talk About (on-demand)

CPD-Math-12: 3-5: Beyond Basic - Analyzing Achievement Levels (only applicable for 3rd-5th grades) (on-demand)

NEW!!! CPD-Math-22: K-5 M.A.T.H. (Marvelous Achievement & Teaching Happening) (on-demand)

Caddo Resources

Make sure you are enrolled in the Caddo Elementary Math Shared Google Drive.  This is where we house the updated Scope & Sequence documents, assessments and more!

Announcements are made through the K-5 Elementary Math Canvas page.  Make sure you have the course on your dashboard.

For any and all information around Illuminate, please go to this Google Folder. 

To be added to the Shared Google Drive or CANVAS Course, please email