Caddo Digital Safety Day

Video for Elementary Students

As a student in Caddo, you’re able to enjoy wonderful devices in your classroom such as iPads, Chromebooks, and others. To ensure you can continue using those devices responsibly, you want to learn to be a good digital citizen. How can you become a good digital citizen?

  • Make good choices while online. Think before you post!

  • Protect and change passwords regularly 

  • Never share any private information to strangers such as birthdate, address or anything that could put you in danger. Protect your privacy. 

Video for Middle/ High School Students

Establishing a healthy presence on the internet and social media is an important awareness for all of us to have. Understanding your "digital permanence" helps you make more future-proof and responsible decisions for yourself and others.

  • If you post something, others can find it.

  • The things that you share on the internet and social media live on after you try to delete them.

  • People like recruiters, college admissions, and potential employers use information in your digital footprint to make decisions about your future.