CTTIE Career Tech Education

Louisiana provides CTTIE certificates to Louisiana employing public school systems for applicants meeting the requirements described in Bulletin 746: Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel. The CTTIE certificates authorize employment for instructors of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

CTTIE Provisional Certificate

Provisional certificate is a one-year, non-renewable certificate issued while the instructor completes requirements for the CTTIE-1. CTTIE-Provisional eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant shall hold a high school diploma, or have passed an equivalency test approved by LDOE.

    • Applicant shall have a minimum of four years full time work experience or 7,680 hours of experience aligned to the specific career/technical field/pathway, of which at least one year of experience was acquired within the five calendar years immediately prior to certification. Having industry-related degree(s) and/or an Industry-based Credential can fulfill up to three years of the four years required work

    • Applicant holds current state or national license or Industry-based Credential.

CTTIE-1 Certificates

CTTIE-1 certificate is an entry level certificate (comparable to a Level 1 teaching certificate, but specific to industry expert area(s) only). It is valid for three years initially and may be extended for a period of one year at the request of the employing school system, with a limit of two such extensions. CTTIE-1 eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant meets all requirements for the CTTIE-Provisional

    • Applicant completes a New Instructor Workshop (applicants with at least three years of effective K-12 teaching experience as defined by Bulletin 130 or three years of post-secondary teaching experience are exempt from New Instructor Workshop).

CTTIE-2 Certificates

The CTTIE-2 certificate is valid for five years initially, and is renewable every five years with the instructor successfully meeting the standards of effectiveness for at least three years during the five-year initial or renewal period pursuant to Bulletin 130 and R.S. 17:3902 (comparable to the Level 2 or 3 teaching certificate). CTTIE-2 eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant holds or meets eligibility requirements for the CTTIE-1

    • Applicant has successfully met the standards of effectiveness for at least three

    • Applicant has three years of teaching experience in an approved educational

Submitting application: Louisiana employing school system submits the following items as a single PDF file through the online educator certification portal. The following items are required as part of a complete application packet and must be signed and dated with current date:

  1.   Copy of Applicant Social Security Card -and- Driver’s License/State ID (these are required with every application)

  2.  Application form with all information provided, signed and dated within the last 90 days

  3.   Professional Conduct form with all questions answered, signed, and dated by the applicant

  4.   Industry/Work & Teaching Experience Verification including both non-teaching and teaching experience signed and dated within the last 90 days

  5.   Copy of High School Diploma or Equivalency Exam and Transcripts showing degree(s) awarded/earned and/or coursework completed; all degrees will be placed on the teaching certificate if transcripts included. If applicant is a college graduate (submitting transcripts), no high school diploma documentation is

  6.   Copy of Current State/National License or Industry-Based Credential (IBC)

  7.   New Instructor Workshop Documentation (if applicable)

  8.   Copy of Online Payment Confirmation email or screenshot* – Use Processing Fee Schedule to determine amount Payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee certification but is used for review of submitted documents. Applicant will access the payment portal through the educator account on TeachLA Live! portal in order to make fee payment to LDOE.