30 students smile during scholarship banquet

CCTC Foundation

The Caddo Career & Technology Center Foundation has awarded $60,000 to 30 soon-to-be graduates from the Class of 2022.  The scholarship recipients represent high schools across our district and a variety of career interests including medical assistant, fashion styling, media arts, drafting, and teaching professions. 

These incredible students were recognized at the annual Caddo Career & Technology Center Scholarship Banquet in the school's auditorium in April. The recipients are as follows:

STUDENT NAME                       CCTC COURSE                              HOME SCHOOL

  1.    Camilla Arusei                         Certified Medical Assistant              Caddo Magnet

  2.    Mallory Bogues                      Media Arts                                             Caddo Magnet

  3.   Broderick Brown                    Dental Assistant                                  Southwood

  4.   Zoee Brown                             Certified Medical Assistant              Captain Shreve

  5.   Marlee Churchman                Drafting/CAD                                        Captain Shreve

  6.   James Garrett Clifton           Drafting/CAD                                        Northwood

  7.    Cadence Crumpton              Dental Assistant                                  Caddo Magnet High

  8.   Anne Erwin                              Media Arts                                             C. E. Byrd

  9.   Ebony Gibbs                            Auto Body/Collision Repair              C. E. Byrd

10.   Caley Hamilton                       Certified Medical Assistant              Caddo Magnet

11.    Heaven Heard                         Marketing                                              Captain Shreve

12.    Angel Hernandez                   Auto Technology                                Caddo Magnet

13.    Vivian Holman                         Culinary Arts                                          Caddo Magnet

14.    Madison Hubbard                  Fashion Design                                     Captain Shreve

15.    Surayya Jones                         Fashion Styling                                     Caddo Magnet

16.   Yamileth Ledesma                Certified Medical Assistant              Caddo Magnet

17.    Yuting Lin                                 Media Arts                                             Caddo Magnet

18.   Joshua Luman                        Drafting/CAD                                        Caddo Magnet

19.   Alonzo Mason, Jr.                 Computer Programming                  C. E. Byrd

20.   Kaleb McHenry                       Computer Programming                  Captain Shreve

21.    Ashlynn Miller                         Teaching Professions                        Woodlawn

22.    Emily Nguyen                          Dental Assistant                                  Caddo Magnet

23.   Ryan Pearson                          Skilled Trades                                        C. E. Byrd

24.   Mekel Peck                              Dental Assistant                                  Caddo Magnet

25.   Dakota Sheets                        Graphic Arts                                          Captain Shreve

26.   Kayla Smith                             Teaching Professions                        Caddo Magnet

27.    Briaunna Stroughter             Digital Media                                         Caddo Magnet

28.   Jazzlynn Temple                    Emergency Medical Technician      Caddo Magnet

29.   Phillip Tisdale                          Carpentry                                               Captain Shreve

30.   Promise Whitlock                 Teaching Professions      Caddo Magnet

Over the past 27 years, the Foundation has provided scholarships to nearly 900 deserving students, valued at approximately $1.45 million.

Congratulations to our talented students!