23-24 School Choice

23-24 Caddo Parish Public School Choice Detailed Plan to Support for Policy JBCE  

Caddo Parish Public Schools provides equitable solutions for all students. Therefore, the district has designated a staffing position dedicated to school choice.  This staff member will serve as a School Choice Liaison to ensure parents have a source of support for communication, clarification of options, and general support for engaging in the application process.  

The district offers the following opportunities for School Choice: 

School Choice Options:  

K-5 Elementary Options (Schools Listed are Rated A, B, or C)

North Highlands Elementary 

Riverside Elementary School

Shreve Island Elementary School

A.C. Steere Elementary School

Middle School Options (Rated C)

Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School

Youree Drive Middle School

Minority to Majority  

Minority students may request an application for admission to a majority school by April 15.  The CPSB makes provisions for students to transfer from a school where they are a part of the  majority race to a school where they would be a part of the minority race. Transportation for a student transferred under the provisions of the Majority to Minority (M to M) policy will be  provided to a school nearest the student’s home school attendance area.